MBT Desktop Pro


MB Trading’s Desktop Pro takes all of the features of the basic Desktop application and adds a lot more. The MBT Desktop Pro represents a significant enhancement to its predecessor, the Award-Winning MBT Desktop. Desktop Pro retains all of the order types and account management systems of the original MBT Desktop, but now adds robust charting with more than 100 indicators and studies, a complex alert system for monitoring price movement based on over 100 parameters, and a sophisticated Formula Engine that can insert over 100 built in mathematical stock fields into its quote sheets, hotlist sheets, scanner sheets, or option sheets, including Last, Bid, Ask, Net%, Block Trades, Money Flow, PE, EPS and much more. Add this to MB Trading’s Research and Morning Notes, Options Strategist, and low commissions, and the MBT Desktop Pro is the one-stop solution for professional traders. Some of the key features of Desktop Pro include:

  • Advanced Charting application with over 100 built-in indicators, studies, and tools
  • A complete scripting language for all asset classes to design custom executable scripts
  • The New MBT Options Strategist for advanced options order placement
  • A complete scanner for finding patterns in all asset classes that meet customizable criteria
User Manual

Click here to view the MBT Desktop Pro User Manual


MAT (Managed Account Trading) NEW!

The Managed Account Trading (MAT) tool is designed for traders managing multiple accounts with one or multiple strategies. Accounts with trading authorizations, funds or even a regular account plus an IRA can be grouped based on the trader's design. The MAT functionality is built into the MBT Desktop software and is immediately available for use by any authorized account. There is no minimum account size or minimum number of accounts required to use this tool; MAT allows trading from one to thousands of accounts simply and easily. Learn more about the Managed Account Tool.


Market Depth (Level II)

Sub Pips Underlined in LVLI NEW!


Drag and Drop to Change Orders NEW!

Drag and Drop change order capability in the Market Depth window. (1) Indented box represents your order. (2)Drag to a new price level in the montage or the opposite side to change into market order. (3)That will send a change order to the new price for your order.


Drag and Drop to New Price Level


Futures Depth-of-Book

For those with an MB Trading Futures account, you can view the top 5 futures bids and offers, allowing you to see the depth of the market.


TradeFlow Meter

See where the market pressure is. The Trade Flow Meter watches trade volume at the bid vs. the ask, degrading its average over time interval.


Monitor Multiple MPIDs

Interested in seeing what a particular market participant is doing today? Right-click on the desired MPID, select "monitor", and the color of each selected MPID will invert, making it easier to track.



Yahoo Finance Snapshot Menu NEW!

Added Yahoo Finance Snapshot menu item to load fundamental page for selected symbol (equities only).


Pip Value/Lot Column NEW!

Now calculated using bid only so values will be identical whether long or short.

Spread Column NEW!

Added Spread column.


S/M Column NEW!

Shows 'I' for intraday short, '$' for negative borrow.


Symbols Import NEW!

Import into watchlist of symbols now supports multiple formats.


Server Sided Symbol Lists

The MBT Desktop takes into consideration that you may not log in from the same computer every time; your symbol lists and configuration settings are saved on our server.


Order Entry in Watchlist

Either right-click on your watchlist and select "Show Order Entry" OR double-click on any of the symbols to place an order.


Navigate the Watchlist

Use the UP / DOWN arrows on your keyboard to switch cells in the watchlist. The Enter key now puts you in edit mode, allowing you to change the symbol or accept the change if you are already in edit mode.


Multiple Watchlists

Use the menu command "Navigate|Watchlist" to create a multiple Watchlists. This feature helps keep distinct groups of symbols apart and easily viewed.


Updated Trade Trend

We've updated the trade trend to show you what the market is truly doing. Now on a 0+ tick or a 0- tick, you will see a bullet colored to either the uptick color (if it was 0+) or the downtick color (for 0-).


Sort by Any Data Column

We've updated the trade trend to show you what the market is truly doing. Now on a 0+ tick or a 0- tick, you will see a bullet colored to either the uptick color (if it was 0+) or the downtick color (for 0-).


FX Board NEW!

Now shows red bar when bid or Ask is unavailable. Added scrollbars when view is too small to fit content.


Alerts Window NEW!

Alerts window renamed to Messages. Added server name to quote connect/disconnect messages in alerts view.


Order Entry

TIF Selector NEW!

Added TIF selector to TTO, Options and Plus templates.


Combination Orders Types NEW!

Added new combination orders: Limit+TTO, Limit+Stop Market, Limit+Trailing Stop, Maket+TTO, Market+Trailing Stop, Stop Limit+TTO, Stop Limit+Trailing Stop, Stop+TTO, Stop+Trailing Stop, Reverse+TTO.


Trailing Stop Trigger NEW!

Added optional trailing stop trigger to TTO template (when open position).


Add IOC Support for FX NEW!

Added optional trailing stop trigger to TTO template (when open position).


Intraday Shorts NEW!

Intraday shorts now show 'dashed' box in short/margin control. Tooltip shows negative borrow rate.


Cancel Message NEW!

Added a "reason" for cancel message
Added MOC/LOC/Reserve order type for Canadian symbols.


Open Orders NEW!

Shift and Ctrl click can now be used to select multiple open orders, enabling new 'Cancel > Cxl all selected' menu item. Added MOC/LOC/Reserve order type for Canadian.


OE - Order routing defaults NEW!

Shift and Ctrl click can now be used to select multiple open orders, enabling new 'Cancel > Cxl all selected' menu item. Added MOC/LOC/Reserve order type for Canadian.


Cxl Replace dialog NEW!

Now shows most current order details instead of original order details after multiple replaces of the same order.


Optimized accounting, position and order message code for faster execution NEW!

Forex lot size NEW!

Added ability to set Forex lot size (1000-10000 in even 1000's).


"Plus" Template

Offers the ability to place a variety of orders, including Limit + TTO, Market + TTO, Reserve + TTO, Stop + TTO, Limit + Trailing Stop, and Market + Trailing Stop.).


Margin/Short Status

Quickly view the status of a stock - a green 'M' indicates "marginable"; a red 'M' with a line through it indicates "not marginable". A purple box around it indicates "shortable" and a gray box indicates "not shortable".


Maximum Trade Qty

Save time by clicking on the BP field to calculate and load the maximum number of shares you can trade (to the nearest round lot).


Pinned Order Entry

Have you found your order entry settings for the day? Don't want them to change every time you change symbols? Pin your Order Entry Screen! By clicking on the pin, the settings are kept as you switch symbols.


TTO trigger recalculation

Want to re-apply your default settings to the TTO screen? By clicking on the last price you can have your TTO defaults recalculated and placed into the Upper trigger and Lower trigger fields.


Order preferences by security type NEW!

Want to re-apply your default settings to the TTO screen? By clicking on the last price you can have your TTO defaults recalculated and placed into the Upper trigger and Lower trigger fields.


Order type default NEW!

Now set your default order type preference under "order entry defaults". Note that if the order type is not available for the route selected, it will default to Limit.


Submit button color NEW!

Now set your "Submit" button color default in the "General Preferences" window.



Online Options trading

After opening an options account, send options orders directly to the exchange.


Highlight Live Orders

See which options you have open orders on by selecting the 'Highlight Live Orders in Grid' preference. This option highlights the rows in which you have open orders.


Options order entry template NEW!

Use the new options order entry template for strangles and straddles.



Allocate amount now uses EE instead of current BP on saved basket read.

Fix account showing BP instead of EE.

In weight mode, spinner now responds to mouse wheel.


Orderbook and Open Orders

Replaces Suspended GTC orders so that after the replace, order remains in suspended state instead of Live. NEW!


Multiple views of order history

Customize not only what you see, but also how you see it. Interested in viewing only your live orders? Or how about the Live and Executed orders? Want to see everything in a condensed (summarized) fashion?


Sort by any column

Do you prefer to view things in time order? Or how about by Order ID or symbol? The Orderbook and open orders windows both allow you to sort by any column.

Positions Window

Column ordering NEW!

Changed default column ordering to: Symbol, Total Pos, Open Pnl, Closed Pnl, Total pnl.


Context menu NEW!

Close position context menu should only show when click in the Total Pos columns; otherwise use default menu.


Rename Total Position to Net Position NEW!


Positions view NEW!

Notes column fixed; correct price now loaded into OE after Bid/Ask click.

CloseAll no longer ignored when net position of all symbols = 0. NEW!

Prevent current selected row from changing when position is added or updated. NEW!


Column totals NEW!

Column totals added to all PnL columns.


Order Entry NEW!

Either right-click on your positions window and select "Show Order Entry" OR double-click on any of your positions to place an order.


Account Balance

See your current balances

Want to know what your realized or unrealized profit/loss is for the day? Or see how many shares you've traded or the total number of trades placed today.


FX Charts

3rd Party and General

Added FX symbology mapping.

Added XP theme support. Multiple windows now support both Export data to .csv and clipboard.

Whammy bar configurable with right click.


Symbol lookup

Futures contracts now display current and future contracts description.


Corrected an Options Chain display error and added support to take into consideration changes to options expiration rules effective with February 2015 contracts.


Symbol Suffixes

For institutional clients, informational symbol suffixes “(B)” and “(S)” are prevented from becoming part of a data request.

Dialogs to Create and Edit Alerts

When price data is available, typing a valid symbol into the Trade Symbol field should initialize the edit control with a valid price. Previously the field might initially show 0.

Pricing of Illiquid Options

A change was made to how illiquid option positions contribute to PNL.

Tick and Second Charts

A change was made to cause tick and second charts to update consistently in a 3-hour window following midnight UTC.



Fixed: Alert List icon on the tool bar was non-functional. This has been resolved.

Fixed: Time issue regarding IDT,IST, or JST time zones. This has been resolved.

Fixed: Desktop Pro disconnects / gives error message : "Duplicate Login Detected" when using the MBT Web Relay


Market Depth Ladder

Fixed: Scroll bar on the right would cause the symbol to display prices well above the market. This has been resolved.

Fixed: The user will know if the program is waiting to receive backfill, when loading an active symbol such as EUR/USD.



Fixed: In the chart window when showing the TTO template if you select a new symbol then the Upper Trigger goes to 0.00. That has been resolved.

Feature: Histograms in all studies can be assigned line widths that are linked to the chart’s bar width. Affected: Aroon Indicator, Commodity Channel Index, Chande Momentum Oscillator, Ergodic Indicator, Formula Study, MACD, RSI, Stochastic, StochRSI, True Strength Index, WCCI, Williams %R.

Feature: Pivot studies can be configured to show levels for the next session, based on current data. This means that pivot levels for the coming day can be displayed before the main session open.

Feature: Studies Swing Index and Accumulative Swing Index were added.

Feature: The annotation (drawing) toolbar was reorganized and is now hierarchical.

Feature: Feature: Chart annotations were added.

  • Triangle, Rectangle and Ellipse. All can be color filled.

  • Two and Three-line channels.

  • Gann Box. Here, an alert line is shown on one of the horizontal level lines.

  • Arrows


Order Entry

Fixed: Open Orders window is displaying Sell / Closing strangle orders as a "buy". This has been resolved.

Feature: Default horizontal positions are different for each of a chart’s three order-related line types. The text boxes are now slightly offset for visual recognition. Override this setting in the Order-Related line properties tab, by clicking the button at the right edge of the drawing toolbar.



New plus ordertype: Market + TTO

Support for delayed data feed

Fixed: Performance issues during heavy market activity times.

Fixed: TTO preferences for futures via “fixed ticks” prefills data appropriately.

Fixed: Basis price updating in charts after switching accounts.

Fixed: Market profile window updating.

Fixed: Quote increments when options trading via chart lines.



Fixed: Application startup time has been significantly reduced.

Market Depth

Fixed: Hard-To-Borrow stocks from the previous day were still showing up in the Market Depth. This has been resolved.

Market Depth Ladder

Fixed: In the preferences when you set the depth higher than 4 the bid/ask price would disappear. This has been resolved.


Fixed: Charts that showed data prior to March 9th 2014 were off by one hour. This has been resolved.

Order Book

Fixed: If you changed a trailing stop GTC order then the next day when the price would update it would display ??? after the price. This has been resolved.



New Feature: New Advanced Options Trading application

This version of Desktop Pro includes the new Advanced Options Trading application that provides the following features:

An intuitive design and layout with simplified data and risk charts

Access the Option trading platform using the following icon or menu item:

Fast order entry with improved trade management for complex strategies

Flexible views for expirations and strikes

Full trade analytics as part of the order confirmation

You can access the Option Strategist that is replaced by the Option trading platform by using the following menu item and window:



Fixed: Added weekly contracts for $SPX.

Fixed: Option Strategies are no longer included in the “Close All Positions” option in the right click menu of the positions window.

Fixed: Allowed the ability to change from debit to credit when rolling a strategy.

Fixed: Positions Window now correctly displays Double Calendar strategies.

Order Entry

Fixed: Trigger By orders are now working correctly for option chains.


Fixed: There was an error that could cause a gap in historical data. That has been resolved.


Fixed: Fixed Quantity is no longer grayed out when trying to close a position.

Improvement: Added various columns including: Commission Files, Pending Buy / Pending Sell, Comments, and Underlier.


Bug Fix: In some cases, following installation or upgrade of Desktop Pro, the following message is displayed: "This program might not have installed correctly." The installer presents two options, the first to reinstall Desktop Pro, the second to accept the installation as is. If you select either option the process will complete without error. It is recommended to select the second option. We are investigating the cause of this warning and to resolve it.

Bug: Customers using Norton 360 may get a message during install that Norton has blocked a Suspicious.Cloud.7.F. This is a false positive and has been reported to Norton. In the mean time please take the following steps to restore the file that Norton deletes.

  1. During the install of Desktop/Desktop Pro you will see the following warning from Norton:
    Norton Warning

  2. Once the install is complete you will see the following message from Norton:
    Norton Warning

  3. Click on “View Detail” and the following window will open
    Norton Warning

  4. You will need to click “Restore” to put the files back in their original location
    Norton Warning

  5. Once you click on the Restore link the following window will open:
    Norton Warning

  6. Click “Yes” to restore the file making sure that “Exclude this file ID from future scans” is checked
  7. Once the file has been restored you will see the following screen:
    Norton Warning

  8. Click on the close button and repeat steps 4-7 on any other remaining items to restore those files.
  9. Once all files have been restored open Desktop/Desktop Pro


Fixed: Bar Timer and time on the charts was off by 1 hour for customers living outside of the United States.


Improvement: Added Pending Buy and Pending Sell columns to the MAT position tab

Improvement: Added support for Day+ and GTX Time in Force options


Known Issues in Release Candidate

Bug Fix: In some cases, following installation or upgrade of Desktop Pro, the following message is displayed: "This program might not have installed correctly." The installer presents two options, the first to reinstall Desktop Pro, the second to accept the installation as is. If you select either option the process will complete without error. It is recommended to select the second option. We are investigating the cause of this warning and to resolve it.


Fixed: When chart initially loads it shows the last tick, not the official last.

Fixed: When looking at two charts for the same symbol at different intervals the vertical cursor line disappears in one chart when the interval in the second chart is later.

Fixed: MACD Indicator may disappear due to scaling.

Fixed: Resolved an issue where charts were showing an erroneous LOW in the most recent interval.

Option Chains

Improvement:: Added the ability to view and trade Mini Options.

MBT Desktop Pro

Fixed: Certain option chains were requesting the incorrect underlying symbol.

Fixed: In the Option Chain view the quarterly options are sometimes mislabeled.


Improvement: Changed the Activate/Inactivate All button to say Check All and Uncheck All

Improvement: Added the Basis P&L Column

Improvement: Enhanced the Account format display. Now you can choose how the account will be formatted in the Account Column. You can choose: Alias only, Use general format, or Full account number (with the option to append the alias).

MBT Desktop Pro

Improvement: Added the ability to specify a fixed quantity for all selected accounts. Using the Fixed Quantity override you can now specify how many shares/contracts/pips you want traded in each account evenly. This new “Fixed Quantity” will allocate the same Quantity value to each selected account as long as the account has sufficient BP for the quantity entered. If it does not have sufficient BP it will reduce the quantity number entered to a value that will not exceed BP. For example, if the user enters 100 for the “Fixed Quantity” the Quantity of 100 will be applied to each account as long as there is sufficient BP in the account.

MBT Desktop Pro

Improvement: Provided the ability to override any single account’s quantity with a higher or lower amount so long as it does not exceed the BP of that particular account. The Quantity value will be displayed in Italics while it is in “edit” mode and displayed in Normal type when in “display” or “auto” calc modes. This new quantity will be applied if the user presses enter, tabs away or clicks on any other row or control on the form. This new quantity will stay active until the user changes one of the account allocation values for %BP, %Position or Group. The automatic allocation tools will override any manually entered quantity values in the grid.

MBT Desktop Pro

Fixed: Quantity Override is not available for shorting positions.

Fixed: MAT selects all accounts or no accounts if order type is changed before submitting an order


Known Issues in Release Candidate

Bug Fix: In some cases, following installation or upgrade of Desktop Pro, the following message is displayed: "This program might not have installed correctly." The installer presents two options, the first to reinstall Desktop Pro, the second to accept the installation as is. If you select either option the process will complete without error. It is recommended to select the second option. We are investigating the cause of this warning and to resolve it. .


Improvement: The Desktop Pro application and architecture was migrated to the latest version of the Microsoft Development tools to improve performance and stability on the latest release of the Microsoft operating systems, Windows 7 and 8. Desktop Pro has been certified to be fully compatible with Windows 7 and 8.

Improvement: When Desktop Pro is first installed, the browse-for-sounds dialog does not start in the Sounds directory. This has been fixed to start in the Sounds directory by default.

Improvement: Removed the customization button from the Workspace Bar in Desktop Pro because it had no function.

Bug Fix: When a window is Maximized (i.e. Orderbook), then you try to open another window with File / New ..., Desktop Pro becomes unresponsive. This has been fixed.


Improvement: Added to Desktop Pro a new feature to more easily configure Alerts and to all for email alerts or to execute a user defined trade when an alert triggers. This feature is to allow for all trade types to be enabled for trading by alerts. The following are the two kinds of Alerts that can be enabled in Desktop Pro:

  • Expression alerts – Expression Alerts are constructed from a free-form string that is evaluated as a Boolean in the alert parser. They contain operators (arithmetic, logical, comparison), numeric constants, simple snapshot data-retrieval operators (Last, Open), and (effectively) function calls to evaluate a study’s current value.
  • Line Alerts – Line alerts are a specialized Boolean test to find when an asset price crosses a line ray or segment in a Chart. The following enhancement was made for the Line Alerts: When you right click on a line ray or segment on a chart, you are presented with the option to create an Easy Alert or to add a Simple Alert based on the price value of the line ray or segment, as shown in the following picture:
    MBT Desktop Pro
  • If you select to create a simple alert from one of the line values presented in the right click menu, the following alert creation window is presented:
    MBT Desktop Pro
  • Once the line alert is created you can adjust the line on the chart to any location and the alert will adjust to the lines new price values. When the price hits a target range defined by the line values, it's easier to be alerted than to just read a number on the chart. It's especially effective when looking at multiple charts. If you could scan through currency pairs that are labeled with price indicator alerts, it is much easier to read. A user can set an upper and lower target range making it easier to trade.

The ability to create, edit or clone any alert uses the same alert window shown above. In addition to the improvements for line alerts, any alert can be setup to do any of the following:

  • Sounds Alerts
  • Email Alerts
  • Trade Alerts

Email alerts are configured by right clicking on the simple alert display window as shown in the following picture:

MBT Desktop Pro

This will display the Email Alert Properties window as shown in the following picture:

MBT Desktop Pro

Once the email alert properties are setup correctly and turned on in this window, then email alerts can be turned for each alert type.

We have added the ability to submit a trade when an alert triggers. This is setup on the Alert create/edit/clone window shown in the following picture:

MBT Desktop Pro

If the Trade on Alert check box is checked for an alert, when the alert triggers, the Order Entry panel will automatically open, if not already open, on the Simple Alert View window. The trade settings from the Trade on Alert Parameters section will be automatically entered in the Order Entry Panel. If the Submit Trade Automatically check box is NOT checked, then you have the opportunity to review the trade parameters before you submit the order by clicking the Buy/Cover or Short/Sell buttons on the Order Entry panel. If the Submit Trade Automatically check box IS checked, then the order parameters are automatically submitted from the Order Entry panel. Depending upon your Order Entry preferences, you may or may not need to click in an order confirmation dialog before the order is submitted. The following Trade Types are supported in this version:

  • Buy or Sell Market
  • By or Sell Limit
  • Buy or Sell Limit Plus Offset
  • Close Position in Symbol

Bug Fix: Any alerts configured in the Simple Alert window would not be saved when the Simple Alert window was closed. Any Simple Alerts configured in the Simple Alert window are now saved when the window is closed or if the application is closed, so they are saved across user sessions.

Order Entry

Improvement: The basis value on the Order Entry panel has been based upon the position Today Basis Open price. We have changed the Basis value on the Order Entry panel to show the Total Basis Average price for Equities, Options and Futures positions. FOREX positions are mark to market positions so they still reflect the Today Basis Open price.

Improvement: We have added the ability to close all of a position or a partial position from the Order Entry panel. In the Positions window, when you right click on a position you are given the following options:

Close <Symbol> in account <Account>

Close part of <Symbol>...

These options have been added to the right click menu of the Order Entry panel.

Improvement: The Short button will only be displayed if the account has the trading permissions to short. This was implemented to address the needs of DVP accounts.

Improvement: Admin Accounts only: FX risk change orders do not change prices on stops (TTO's and Stop Market orders).

Improvement: The Basis value is now calculated from a blend of the Basis Avg. Price and intraday basis.

Fixed: When entering a TTO order by placing a short order with a trailing offset, the confirmation window would not show the offset and the order was placed without the offset. This only occurred when pending closing orders were active. This has been fixed so that all order conditions now use the actual open position when determining when the offset applies to the order.

Fixed: When entering a combo order for an FX symbol, e.g. EUR/JPY, the second Leg TTO pre-fill price were using the quotes from a previously used FX symbol, e.g. EUR/USD. This is now fixed to use the correct pre-fill prices from the selected FX symbol.

Fixed: The Buying Power amount displayed in the Order Entry panel was not always correct for some types of symbols, e.g. 2X/3X ETFs due to specific margin requirements. This has now been corrected to show the correct Buying Power amount based on the symbol margin requirements.

Fixed: The Limit-Offset field was not setting the offset correctly for FOREX symbols.

Fixed: The Limit-Pips field was not displaying the proper value when Pips is the setting for "Unit to use for Stop and Limit Values".

Fixed: The TTO and Trail offset preferences for Futures were not calculating the offset correctly.

Fixed: Updated the wording for the Stop Limit Offset to include +Limit orders.

Fixed: When entering a Conditional order symbol on a TTO order, the Lower Trigger would reset to zero.

Fixed: When clicking on the various order types the Stop price would become populated with zero.

Fixed: Changed the name for the Trailing offset prefill value to show that the value is in PIPs.

Fixed: When canceling a pending Trailing stop order the price was displayed as 0.00.

Open Orders

Fixed: Account and Symbol were not available in the grouping menu.

Fixed: When changing the trigger price of a conditional symbol the confirmation window would show the old trigger price.

One Click Trading Order Entry

Improvement: Re-designed the look and feel of the One Click Trading order entry window.

Improvement: Added the ability to adjust the Font size via the Preferences.

Improvement: Added the ability to right-click in the One Click Trading window and switch from market orders to limit orders and vice-versa.

MBT Desktop Pro

Fixed: When the One Click Trading window was saved in the workspace the Limit offset price was not always set correctly.

Fixed: The One Click Trading window caption is not always updated with the correct symbol.

Fixed: The FX symbol would disappear when docking/undocking the window.

Fixed: Corrected an issue that allowed to input an invalid limit price for Futures.

Positions Window

Improvement: Added Symbol info options to the right click menu in the Positions window, including Symbol Info, MBT Research Tool and Yahoo Finance Snapshot and added support for Futures symbols, as shown in the following picture:

MBT Desktop Pro


Improvement: Added ability to configure the Chart Y Axis Increment Setting.

MBT Desktop Pro

MBT Desktop Pro

Improvement: Added ability to control placement of Order and Position Lines on Charts:

MBT Desktop Pro

MBT Desktop Pro

MBT Desktop Pro

Improvement: Added a MACD chart study Histogram only option.

MBT Desktop Pro

MBT Desktop Pro

Improvement: Add Price/Pip Delta to change order lines. This will give you a visual indicator as to how much the order will change.

MBT Desktop Pro

Improvement: Added ability for studies to be plotted on top of candles or behind candles.

Improvement: Added the Volume-weighted Average Price (VWAP) study to the Charts.

Improvement: Added Order Entry lines for all Plus orders.

Improvement: Added Daily Session Pivot Points. Session Pivot Points calculate from the actual trading session instead of the day.

Fixed: Account numbers are no longer exposed in exported charts.

Fixed: Order lines on charts do not display on charts created in prior versions of Desktop Pro.

Fixed: Pivot values for some Futures contracts were incorrect on Sunday afternoon.

Fixed: Charts bar timer not updating after counting down to 00:00.

Fixed: Stock Tick Data is now updating based on the last trade.

Fixed: Stochastic Indicator does not change when changing the length.

Fixed: When a chart is maximized the Restore, Minimize, and Close buttons do not work.

Fixed: No Bar Timer On /NQU1 1 Minute Interval.

Fixed: Limit + TTO and Stop + TTO Order in Desktop Pro Charts shows multiple lines that should not exist.

Fixed: When selecting a 15 second chart it was displaying a 30 second chart.

Fixed: The volume data that is painted onto the chart after the candle closes is sometimes an incorrect color.

Option Chains

Fixed: Deltas were sometimes wrong on options in the option chains.

Fixed: Limit price resetting to zero when clicking on the various symbols in the option chain.

Option Strategist

Fixed: Weekly expiring contracts are not showing in the Option Strategist.

Fixed: Long Puts were not displaying cents in the strike column even though the symbol displayed is +SPY-120914P140.50.


Improvement: Added Symbol info options to the right click menu in the Watchlist window, including Symbol Info, MBT Research Tool and Yahoo Finance Snapshot, and added support for Futures symbols as was done in the Positions window.

Quote Sheet

Fixed: Certain fields were not populating in the Quote sheet.

Fixed: The Quote sheet fails to show values for any of the options fields.

Market Depth Ladder

Improvement: Changed the color of the Market Depth Ladder P&L value to red when negative.

Improvement: Added the current Bid and Ask Size values in parenthesis in the Price column.

Improvement: Added Zoom Level display as shown in the following picture:

MBT Desktop Pro

Improvement: Changed the Position indicator in the Position column from the Mark-to-Market Basis Price to the Basis Average Price for symbols other than FOREX.

Fixed: When placing Futures Limit orders in one account they are still visible when switching to another account.

Fixed: Addressed multiple errors with Stop Limit orders.

Fixed: The Market Depth Ladder was displaying different last prices for /ESZ2.

Fixed: The Market Depth Ladder was displaying irregular trades for prints between the spread.

Fixed: Addressed display issues for FX symbols.

Fixed: Addressed issues that were causing existing TTO orders and lower trigger values to be reset.

Fixed: If the Upper and Lower trigger values for a TTO order were set to values which were not visible in the Market Depth Ladder, when the (e.g.) Bid Size column was clicked, a pending order was created, but was not shown. IT is now shown correctly.

Fixed: Some menu options were not working when right clicking on the positions label.

Fixed: Placed a Limit order for 3.5 lots, changed the price by dragging the order label. The label would display only 3 lots incorrectly.

Fixed: Placed a TTO order by clicking on Ask Size price row. The order labels were visible but the order could not be changed or placed.

Fixed: When changing TTO price triggers on the Market Depth Ladder, the confirmation window would reverse the greater than/less than signs.

Fixed: Could not move the order legs when the Price was not shown in the Market Depth Ladder due to an applied zoom factor.

Fixed: The Trail order leg would move in the opposite direction for some orders.

Fixed: Addressed issues with the Limit + Trail order.

Fixed: Addressed issues with colorization of open order indicators.


Improvement: Added the ability to display the account alias values that are set in the General preferences so that you can tell them apart on the MAT windows as shown in the following pictures.

MBT Desktop Pro

MBT Desktop Pro

Time and Sales

Improvement: Added filtering to remove Irregular (Irg) Trades.

Fixed: The Time and Sales values stop moving when the size filter is selected.


Fixed: PyraPoint vertical lines were offset from the vertical line below.

Fixed: PyraPoint labeling was fixed on Forex symbols where the price was in a flat channel.


Software Downloads

Click on the download link below and choose "Save this program to disk" from the dialog box that pops up. Select a location on your computer to download the file. Once the download is complete, double-click the file to install the program.

Current Release
Version Build - 23.6MB
Updated: 1/16/2015

  • Minimum System Requirements:
  • Windows Vista, 7 and 8 OS
  • 1GHz Processor or faster
  • 1GB of RAM or more
  • Broadband or faster
  • 50 MB Free Disk Space
  • 128MB Video Card or better
  • Resolution 800 x 600
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0+ or Microsoft IE 7.0+
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MB Trading, IB member FINRA, SIPC; MB Trading Futures, Inc. IB member NFA. Trading in futures, options and forex is speculative in nature and not appropriate for all investors. Investors should only use risk capital when trading futures, options and forex because there is always the risk of substantial loss.

MB Trading earned a 4.5 out of 5 star rating in Barron's 2011 Review of Online Brokers, tying for the top spot overall. The company earned a total of 33.8 points, one tenth of a point under the top score. MB Trading also scored in the top three for separate categories of Range of Offerings, Trade Experience, Trading Technology, Usability, and Customer Service and Education. MB Trading earned a 4.5 out of 5 star rating in Barron's 2010 Review of Online Brokers. The company ranked second overall and tied for first place in the categories of Trade Experience and Portfolio Analysis & Reporting. The company also won the category of Usability. The company also tied for first place in the separate categories of "Best for Frequent Traders" and "Best for Options Traders." This survey evaluated 27 Online Firms and does not include all Online Brokers.

Demo accounts receive FREE streaming Stocks, Futures, and Options quotes which are delayed up to 20 minutes (per individual exchange requirement). FREE real-time streaming quotes for Stocks, Futures, and Options is available to nonprofessional users with funded, live accounts.

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