FUTURES: Misc Fees

Transfer Fees
Check Request Standard Delivery FREE
Internal Journal Transfer FREE
Wire Transfer Outgoing (Domestic) $20
Wire Transfer Outgoing (International) $75
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $50
Stop Payment $25
Wire Recalls/Returns $40
Outgoing Account Transfer $50
Currency Conversions $10.00 fee for conversions under $1,000.00 and
$50.00 fee for conversions $1,000.00 and above.

Trade Related Fees
Change Orders FREE
MBTX Advanced Orders FREE
Order Cancellations FREE
Broker Assisted Activity (Call in Trades)

(Call in Trades, Option Exercise, Short Buy-in)

$35 per trade + Commission

Broker Assisted Activity fee waived for technology issues originating with MB Trading.

$35 per trade + Commission
NFA Assessment Fee $0.01 per side
Exchange Fee Varies, please see commission page for detail by contract
Treasury Bill Purchase / Sale - $50 per item
Delivery Fee (Physical Deliverable product) $250.00 flat fee, plus $50.00 per contract and other applicable fees including interest and storage that may apply.
Wedbush Futures Execution Desk Fee $1.50 per filled contract

Miscellaneous Fees
Margin Call Fee Margin calls outstanding longer than 2 days after the trade date are subject to the following fees:

Account Deficiency under $25,000: $50 per day
Account Deficiency over $25,000: $100 per day
Additional Username

Fees may apply if original username has subscribed to additional software data feeds.

Legal Items (Garnishment, Levy processing, etc). $25
Monthly Statement resends (email or mail) $5.00 fee per statement
Paper statements $1.00 per statement for domestic clients,
$20.00 per statement for international clients
Research Fee $25
Inactivity Fee (if there is no activity for a year) $40.00 per month