FUTURES: Misc Fees

Transfer Fees
Check Request Standard Delivery FREE
Internal Journal Transfer FREE
Wire Transfer Outgoing (Domestic) $20
Wire Transfer Outgoing (International) $75
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) $50
Stop Payment $25
Wire Recalls/Returns $40
Outgoing Account Transfer $50
Currency Conversions $10.00 fee for conversions under $1,000.00 and
$50.00 fee for conversions $1,000.00 and above.

Trade Related Fees
Change Orders FREE
MBTX Advanced Orders FREE
Order Cancellations FREE
Broker Assisted Activity (Call in Trades)
Broker Assisted Activity

(Call in Trades, Option Exercise, Short Buy-in)

$35 per trade + Commission

Broker Assisted Activity fee waived for technology issues originating with MB Trading.

$35 per trade + Commission
NFA Assessment Fee $0.01 per side
Exchange Fee Varies, please see commission page for detail by contract
Treasury Bill Purchase / Sale - $50 per item
Delivery Fee (Physical Deliverable product) $250.00 flat fee, plus $50.00 per contract and other applicable fees including interest and storage that may apply.
Wedbush Futures Execution Desk Fee $1.50 per filled contract

Miscellaneous Fees
Margin Call Fee Margin calls outstanding longer than 2 days after the trade date are subject to the following fees:

Account Deficiency under $25,000: $50 per day
Account Deficiency over $25,000: $100 per day
Additional Username
Additional Username

Fees may apply if original username has subscribed to additional software data feeds.

Legal Items (Garnishment, Levy processing, etc). $25
Monthly Statement resends (email or mail) $5.00 fee per statement
Paper statements $1.00 per statement for domestic clients,
$20.00 per statement for international clients
Research Fee $25
Inactivity Fee (if there is no activity for a year) $40.00 per month