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Forex Spread/Pairs (Pay for Limits)

EXN with Pay for Limits Spreads

MB Trading FX displays quotes from multiple banks and destinations and then charges a routing fee for directing your order to one of those destinations and obtaining an execution. We offer tight spreads with combined low transaction costs. Customers can even see their orders display to the market inside of the current bank spreads, offering true transparency as only a non-deal-desk broker can.

When trading Forex, the Last, High, Low, Open, and Close are always based on the bid. Thus, it is possible to have a buy order filled at a price higher than what is shown for the high of the day because buy orders are filled at the ask price, which is always greater than or equal to the bid. It is also possible to not have a buy order filled even though the low of the day reached the price you wanted to buy at because the ask never reached that level.

Currency Pairs

In the Forex market, trading is always in currency pairs, such as EUR/USD or USD/JPY. The base currency (the first currency listed in the currency pair) is the basis for the buy or the sell. As an example, the US Dollar is the base currency for USD/JPY (US Dollar/Japanese Yen). The current bid/ask price for USD/JPY could be 107.20/107.23, which means you could buy $1 US for 107.23 Japanese Yen, or sell $1 US for 107.20 Japanese Yen.


Spreads on All Pairs

as Low as 1/10 of a Pip