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BurstNET® Windows VPS powered by Intel Xeon CPUs takes Windows Hosting to a whole new level. These Windows VPS can be used for MetaTrader 4 Client hosting for Expert Advisor trading near the source or as a complete boxed hosting solution for your own software connected to MB Trading for FOREX, Stocks, Futures, and Options. BurstNET® High Performance Enterprise Servers allow the users to work on their Windows VPS at the speed of a regular Dedicated Server. The response times are similar to a Dedicated Server, thus giving users ability to spend a fraction of the cost of a Dedicated Server to use a VPS server.


Simply meet the following trading criteria in your MB Trading account and MB Trading will credit your account with the monthly cost of your VPS:

MetaTrader 4 package: Open and fund an account today and MB Trading will reimburse your first three months of hosting monthly with no volume requirement. This special initial 90-day reimbursement applies ONLY to the MT4 package on this page. After the third month, run $1,000,000 USD in total monthly FOREX volume (entering and exiting counts twice) and receive your $12.95 monthly VPS Credit.

Tier-1 Black Box Hosting: Run $3,000,000 USD in total monthly FOREX volume, 20 Stock trades, 100 Futures contracts, and/or 100 Options contracts and receive your $39.95 monthly VPS Credit.

Tier-2 Black Box Hosting: Run $5,000,000 USD in total monthly FOREX volume, 30 Stock trades, 150 Futures contracts, and/or 150 Options contracts and receive your $59.95 monthly VPS Credit.

For optimal purposes, it is recommended that the customer run no more than 2 instances of the MetaTrader Client per MetaTrader 4 VPS.

Reimbursements for prior month will be credited to the customer's MB Trading accounts by no later than the 15th of the following month. Use the same email on your VPS account and MB Trading account.

If you have specific hosting needs not covered in the above packages, please contact our Business Development team via the email option on our Contact page.

MB Trading is not responsible for your VPS. We've teamed up with Burst.net and have worked out an arrangement with them due to their proximity to our order servers. All technical support questions about your VPS should be directed to Burst.net. The fastest way to have issues resolved is to open a ticket with them.


FIX Gateway

The FIX Gateway offers access to trading only using the industry standard FIX Protocol, a non-COM, purely message-based, platform-independent solution. The FIX Gateway currently uses version 4.4 and provides seamless access to MBTX's order routing, execution reporting, and position management capabilities. The FIX Gateway allows you to utilize a standard TCP/IP connection to access all of MB Trading's proprietary routing algorithms to direct orders messages to unlimited destinations. Direct ECN connections are available upon request. The FIX Gateway supports more than 15 different order types, including GTC orders, and is for trading purposes only. For quotes access, please review the Quote API or MBT SDK.

Access to our demo environments for testing purposes is free. When you are ready to go live (production), you will need to complete a FIX Gateway certification test. The FIX Gateway certification test consists of basic connection, recovery, and order tests. Once you have completed the certification tests, there is a one-time set-up fee of $250 to access the live environments. When trading live you will be required to maintain a minimum of $50 in commissions every month or you will be charged the net difference.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please fill out the Email/Contact form below.

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Have your own trading strategy? Need a reliable order entry conduit and a powerful SDK to take advantage of it?

The MBT® SDK allows you to create custom applications that access the order entry, account, and position management functionality of the MBT Desktop, our retail trading platform. Our smart order routing and advanced order types, including TTOs, are also available from the MBT® SDK.

Registered Users

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New Users

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The MBT SDK is a fully Microsoft COM-compliant development platform that gives you full access (COM objects), with or without UIs (OCX controls), to all retail MBT Desktop features. You can build a project without any of the stock OCX controls, or use any/all of the controls (Level II, Open Orders, OrderBook, Watchlist panes) that make up the retail MBT Desktop.

Your application can control every aspect of an order, from Time-In-Force to specifying reserve quantities, risk and compliance features, TTOs and all other "conditional" order types.

Please also remember to join the MBT SDK forums above where developers can share code or ideas with one another, and provide valuable feedback for future upgrades.

Quote API

The Quote API offers access to quotes only and is based on a very simple API protocol. The Quote API is a quotes-only, message-based, platform-independent, non-COM, non-FIX protocol and most developers use it alongside the FIX Gateway. Historical data for the Quote API is currently under development with no release date available at this time; however, you can access the MBT® SDK for historical data.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please contact us.

MBT Quote API was designed for third-party software developers and provides access to the following data feeds:

  • NASDAQ Market
  • New York Stock Exchange - NYSE
  • American Stock Exchange - AMEX
  • Toronto Stock Exchange - TSX
  • INET and ARCA ECN books
  • CBOE Options quotes
  • CME Futures Quotes
  • CBOT Futures quotes
  • Foreign Currencies

Using a simple text protocol, MBT Quote API allows users to request data for everything from a specific symbol to the entire market.

Service Bureau

Are you a registered representative seeking to integrate brokerage services, direct access trading and NASDAQ Level 2 quotes for your clients?

MB Trading's Service Bureau provides a wide variety of brokerage services and technology designed to be privately (white) labeled. Our system is market tested, well documented and supported by professionals who understand your business.

As a client you will receive the same courtesy and respect that has earned us such high regard in the industry; we protect your reputation as if it were our own. Our systems and operations currently facilitate millions of shares a day from institutions all over the world and have achieved a high level of stability. This is your opportunity to leverage industry-leading technology and use it as your own.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please contact us.